Precious accessories, beautiful and practical things for garden lovers with highest demands: this is the edition “exclusive selection” by WAGNER. These precious premium gardening gloves we have discovered for you in a small manufactory on the southern coast of England, where they master the craft-art to combine tradition and modernity in a splendid way. The result: garden gloves at the highest quality level, made out of exceptionally high quality leather, combined with state-of-the-art high tech materials, shapely, functional, durable and wonderful comfortable in the same manner.

The gloves series “Gold Leaf Gloves” is manufactured in four different varieties for "Ladies" and "Gents" and is as exclusive as convincing: The honourable British „Royal Horticultural Society“, founded in 1804 for the funding of garden art, declares that the series “Gold Leaf Gloves” has become recognised as “the world’s premier brand of gardening gloves”.

Product choice

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For absolutely dry hands:

The gloves of the variety "DRY TOUCH" protect against humidity and dampness and keep the hands warm and dry. They are made out of extremely supple and yet very hard-wearing cow grain leather that has been treated with a water-repellent special impregnation. The velvety, warming inner lining consists of a breathable Microfleece.

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Like a second skin:

The premium gardening gloves of the variety "SOFT TOUCH" fit like a second skin because they are made out of finest, extremely supple and yet very hard-wearing deerskin in combination with highly flexible Lycra and Nylon. Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the gloves fit the form of the gardener's hands individually, allow for the greatest possible freedom of movement, and they are extremely light and sensitive.

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For sub-zero temperatures:

The first-class gardening gloves of the variety "WINTER TOUCH" are made out of superior quality deerskin as well. They are equipped with linings from a high-tech warmness fleece with high-insulating properties that keeps the hands warm and dry and thus make gardening works pleasant, even at sub-zero temperatures.

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Perfect for pruning roses:

The glove variety "TOUGH TOUCH" is made out of thorn and sting resistant deerskin; it is equipped with extra wide protection cuffs from finest suede as well. Thus the "TOUGH TOUCH" gloves allow extremely comfortable gardening and protect hands, wrists and clothes - perfect for pruning roses! Here you'll find detailed information:

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