Strong, gentle and safe!

A new aspect makes the new transport aid line “Protection” particularly user friendly: It is fitted with special protectors, soft edge protectors, on the corners. This means impacts are gently cushioned, and the load and surrounding areas, e.g. walls and furniture, are effectively protected. "Protection" is available in five sizes, tailored for transporting all standard aluminium boxes.

Because of its special coating over the whole of the load surface, "Protection" is extremely slip-resistant and can therefore also be used for the transport of bulky and smooth loads. Not only can it be used in the home, workshop and office, but also anywhere outdoors: its weather and waterproof features give it an extremely long service life. An ergonomic handle is fitted on the load surface for quick under arm transport. An additional benefit has also carefully considered: The safety transport aid "Protection" is ideally suited as mobile stand for all standard aluminium luggage boxes because of its perfectly coordinated measurements in five sizes. Four machine rollers with high load capacity ensure easy transport of loads of up to 200 kg. Another safety advantage is offered by two castors, which are fitted with solid parking brakes, preventing it from unintentionally rolling away, e.g. on slightly sloping surfaces. The professional transport aid "Protection" has the brand quality "Made inGermany" with an unbeatable 50 year manufacturer’s guarantee.


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