Maximum lounge comfort!


It is perfect for sofa, couch etc.: the QuickClick “Lounge” is a novel furniture component which allows the comfortable and silent movement of upholstered furniture on any kind of flooring. The base element of the “Lounge” is equipped with a reversible “Duo” glide insert. One side of the “Duo” made of high sliding special plastic gives perfect glide properties to sofas, couches and daybeds on smooth floors such as carpet, the other side of the glide made of fluffy wool felt enables the comfortable movement of even heavy upholstery furniture on delicate floors such as parquet. With the development of the QuickClick “Lounge”, everything is just right in form, function and user benefit. That was also the view of the “German Design Council” jury: it has nominated the innovation for the “German Design Award 2015”.

With this intelligent product development, manufacturers of upholstered furniture now can offer to their customers for the first time upholstered furniture which can be moved easy, silent and floor-protecting of any kind of flooring. This is particularly important especially within the contract sector, e. g. in hotels and lounges, where upholstered furniture often has to change its position. The invention of the QuickClick “Lounge” makes also life easier for facility managers, because the “Duo” glide insert is extremely easy to maintain. In case of change of flooring, e. g. from carpet to parquet, the “Duo” can be simply clicked out, turned and clicked in again. Just as easily it can be exchanged within seconds when it is worn: just click out the old glide insert, click in a new one - and you're ready to go!

The shape of the base element of the QuickClick “Lounge” where the „Duo“ glide insert can be clicked in, is reduced to the essential an fits with the design of contemporary upholstered furniture. It is made of high-quality plastic and available in two varieties, both with a diameter of 44 mm: one variety to screw on, with a height of 14 mm or 24 mm, as well as a variety in the same sizes with a 12 mm stem to plug into a bore hole. Thus the QuickClick “Lounge” can be fixed at any kind of upholstered furniture.

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