GreenRACK: test winner at “Selbst ist der Mann”!


The GreenRACK made by Wagner has been tested by the independent test editorial staff of the popular German do-it-yourself magazine “Selbst ist der Mann”. The result of the challenging long-term practical test: best grade – five hammers! Test rating: VERY GOOD! Well-deserved, because the GreenRACK offers design freedom for creative plant lovers: it is a mobile mini garden, rolling herb bed, modern shelf with plants or decoration box, green sight protection and much more – it is anything what the user makes of it. The versatile plant furniture on castors allows “Urban Gardening” in every season, because the GreenRACK can be flexibly used within the indoor and the outdoor area. A fitting plant pouch as well as nice and practical accessory products complete the imaginative innovation for the “Green Market”.

The approx.100 cm high plant box of the GreenRACK allows a comfortable and back-friendly work and makes the gardening easy and comfortable. Two shelves below it can be used for additional flower pots or serve as storage space for watering cans and gardening tools. The GreenRACK is made out of FSC® certified coniferous wood. It can be individually varnished, painted and decorated. In this way, every GreenRACK will become a unique object. A plant pouch made of tear-resistant special plastic can be laid into the plant box, filled with potting soil and greened for the outdoor use. As an alternative for the indoor use, the plant pouch can be equipped with flower pots and prevents the drain of water onto the flooring. The GreenRACK is completed by four agile swivel castors with a total load capacity of up to 50 kg which allow a fast and easy change of location.

With new accessory products, the GreenRACK gardening is even more fun: with shapely, aluminium-coloured flower pot holders made of powder-coated steel, additional planters can be placed at the wooden cover of the box; S-hooks are perfect to hang on e. g. garden utensils, decorative objects or herb bundles, and a fitting storage plate with a cut-out is perfect to hang and put on for example scissor, shovel and other working material.

The GreenRACK is offered as a complete kit which is packed in a space-saving manner with ready-to-use mounted parts. The mounting material and an easy to understand construction manual are included and allow the mounting in a short time and in a few simple steps. This means “Space and Victory” for the “Green Market”: a newly developed combination pallet allows the eye-catching presentation of the GreenRACK plus accessories together with the TASPO Award winner, the mobile raised bed GreenBOX on minimum space.

Now you can order two winners in a double pack: just in time for the start of the season, the test winner GreenRACK is available on a combination pallet, together with the winner of the TASPO Award, the mobile raised bed GreenBOX! 

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