Active solution for dynamic sitting

The “PIEDI Equalizer 2.0” made by Wagner is a new development especially for ergonomic, dynamic seating and sets to work at the chair leg. With this genuine innovation, designers and furniture manufacturers can fulfil all requirements on healthy and flexible sitting in the living and working environment in the easiest possible way and with minimum invest.

Product developers and manufacturers of chairs know the problem: the commercial success fails if chairs do not meet contemporary requirements regarding ergonomics and sitting comfort. Inflexible and immovable sitting is not only uncomfortable, but also long-term even harmful to health. Chairs that are equipped with conventional foot plugs are inflexible in motion; they provide only one sitting position.

The as simple as technically convincing solution is called “PIEDI Equalizer 2.0”: it optimises sitting comfort and movability up to 100 %. Seating furniture that is equipped with the novel dynamic component follow actively the movements of the sitting person, because an integrated special suspension adapts dynamically to the movements of the user in every direction. The effect: the „PIEDI Equalizer 2.0“ effectively prevents back pain, tensions, malposition and hence resulting reduced performance.

No mounting is required for its fixing: just plug the “PIEDI Equalizer 2.0” into the chair leg – and you are ready to go! A reversible and exchangeable “DUO” glide from the patented QuickClick system made by Wagner completes the innovative solution.



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