Cleverly connecting tables: "T-Connect”

Table manufacturers are looking for a flexible and simple solution for table connections. From now on, this is quick and easy: with QuickClick "T-Connect", a visually and technically convincing new development from Wagner. For this, the innovation was nominated by the jury of the "German Design Council" for the "German Design Award 2022".

Until now, joining and separating tables has involved considerable effort: With conventional table connectors, special tools are often required, assembly is time-consuming, awkward and only possible in a stooped posture or by turning the tables over. QuickClick "T-Connect" is the user-friendly connection for e.g. conference, restaurant and bistro tables. By simply pushing the table tops together, its innovative "easy handling" click system ensures a quick and secure connection. It's that simple: Two "T-Connect" base parts each made of high-quality plastic are permanently screwed under the opposing tops of two tables. A "tongue" serves as the connecting part, which joins the two tables firmly and securely, without special tools and simply with a "click". By briefly lifting one table, the connection is released in a matter of seconds. The design of the "T-Connect" is reduced to the essentials: With an overall height of only approx. 9 mm and dimensions of 30 x 69 mm per base part, the innovative table connector remains almost invisible and integrates into the design of a wide variety of table models without visual dominance.

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