These doorstops lift the spirits, and they are real eye-catchers: the new decoration stops from Wagner look like a colourful plant family but need neither soil nor water. They are extremely stable and robust, keep doors and windows open, e.g. in case of draught, and they reliably protect walls and furniture from striking handles.

The brightly colourful floor doorstops are available in the varieties “Cactus”, “Sunflower” and “Pink”. All models have a pot diameter of approx. 14 cm and a height of up to 40 cm. All varieties are manufactured in exquisite workmanship quality from natural textile materials such as felt and jute, and equipped in manual work with lovely details like decorative knobs and patches. A heavy sand-filled inlay provides for a firm and reliable stand. The soft lining of the “flower pots” gently absorbs hard impacts and protects door and window frame. The application is easy: no assembly required; just put down the decorative “potted plants” wherever they are needed. Of course, those who wish can also place the beautiful little flowers on the windowsill, just simply for decoration.

The new decorative stops are available as of now, as a complement for the doorstop shelf range, or as a stand-alone placement, e.g. in the checkout area.


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