Quality upgrade for Wagner transport helpers

Transport helpers from Wagner are now even stronger, safer and more user-friendly. Moreover, you can see that at first glance: numerous models have been subjected to a three-stage quality upgrade that not only optimises their product characteristics, but also communicates them at the POS in a way that is clearly recognisable to the consumer.

In Upgrade 1, the load bearing capacity of common models made of birch plywood could be optimised to up to 300 kg. In Upgrade 2, all variants of the "MDF Extreme" series were equipped with novel anti-slip pads with fixing points. Due to its special material properties, this new generation of pads not only secures the load against slipping during transport, but also gently and safely protects the goods being transported from pressure points and scratches. "Last but not least": Eye-catching imprints on the loading surface provide unmistakable information in Upgrade 3 about the strong product features of numerous roller models, such as "ALLROUNDER – large – safely lockable – comfortable“, "EXPANDER – versatile – extendable – robust" or "ECOFRIENDLY – sustainable – highly resilient – 100% recycled wood". This is perfect for a quick and easy purchase decision at the POS, because what the respective transport aid can do is now simply already written on it! 


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