Strong lifters for heavy loads

Two new, practical and back-friendly lifters from Wagner are ideally suited for lifting heavy objects easily in the office, in the workshop, at home, when shopping or moving house. Both lifter versions are made of solid, powder-coated steel and have a load capacity of 150 kg each.

Particularly back-friendly: Thanks to its length of over one metre, one of the new lifters can be used comfortably in a standing position without bending over. To protect sensitive floor surfaces, both versions are equipped with soft running wheels that are gentle on the floor. It's that simple: Place a lifter with the shovel at the corner under the object to be lifted. Then press the lifter down by hand or foot. This creates a leverage effect, and the object is lifted. Four miniature transport helpers ROLLY from Wagner, for example, can be placed underneath, each with a load bearing capacity of 200 kg. The new lifter models complete the range "transport helpers" of the German brand manufacturer with a top-selling novelty on the shelf.

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