Design awards & more

"Awarded" - many WAGNER products have deserved this honour. We are pleased about that. It shows that we have done something right. We take these wins sportive: we keep on course, we continue tinkering and go for "victory" with the next innovation as well.


Selbst ist der Mann 2019

selbst ist der Mann 2019

Awarded: Transporthelper "MM 1348"


German Brand Award 2019

Awarded: Excellent Brands - Living

Green Product Award 2019

Green Product Award 2019

Selection: QuickClick-system


German Design Award 2019

Awarded: Roller line "Connect"

selbst ist der Mann "Direction Lock"

selbst ist der Mann 2018

Awarded: Direction Lock "RO 0114 / 0115"

RO 99_GIA 2018

German Innovation Award 2018

Awarded: guide castor "RO99"

selbst ist der Mann 3Stop

selbst ist der Mann 2017

Awarded: Doorstop "3STOP"


iF Design Award 2018

Awarded: guide castor "RO99"

RO 99_iconic 18

ICONIC Innovative Interior 2018

Awarded: guide castor "RO99"


German Design Award 2018

Awarded: "Out of Black Forest"


German Design Award 2018

Special Mention: transp. helper "MDF Extreme"


German Design Award 2018

Awarded: transport helper "MM 1331"

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