Nobody wants to nail or stick furniture glides over and over again if there is an easier way of doing things. There is. Easier, more effective and more durable, with WAGNER´s PREMIUM glide & stop system “QuickClick”.

Here is the revolution! “QuickClick” is the first glide & stop system with exchangeable inserts. Inserts that you can choose arbitrary and suited to your needs.

NEW: QuickClick configurator

Are you looking for the perfect QuickClick solution for your furniture? Do you need support in the form of quick advice, an offer or a sample?

We have the right tool for you! The QuickClick configurator enables smart advice with real added value with just a few clicks. Simply select your piece of furniture, the desired product type, the material and many other options. The result: your desired component. Let yourself be inspired!

The advantages

“QuickClick” is fixed permanently at the furniture, thus preserves the furniture leg and lets glide every piece of furniture on any kind of flooring, gentle, safe and absolutely careful!


The “QuickClick” system is a consciously sustainable solution, thus saves noticeable effort and cost and offers the optimum longevity, comfort and retained value!


“QuickClick” components are available in various sizes, colours and shapes: with floor-protecting inserts e.g. in the variants SOFT, ULTRASOFT, NATURAL, SUPER, HYPER or STOP. 


“QuickClick” is unbeatable user-friendly, comprehensively tested for quality and security, patented and often awarded with international design awards. 


The solution

The eternal problem ...

You know it. Chairs, tables, sofas and side tables are moved or shifted frequently. The result is visible damage to the furniture and floor coverings. Loud noises make the damage audible in addition. Conventional glides only give a short-term remedy: they fall off, must be renewed or damage furniture and floor in addition.


The intelligent solution!

The clever solution is called “QuickClick” - the first glide and stop system with replaceable inserts! The clever thing is a base part, which is fastened 1 x to the piece of furniture and serves as a holder for various glide and stop inserts. These can be chosen according to need, then clicked into place and exchanged at any time without a special tool. That protects the furniture and floors permanently!


The system

The system is as ingenious as it is simple:

Fasten the fitting base part once onto the furniture, choose the glide or stop insert to suit the type of floor covering, click it on the base holder, and you're ready to go! The trick with the ‘click‘: every insert can be replaced at any time simply with a ‘click’ and without a special tool, whenever the floor is changed or in the case of wear. More user-friendliness does not exist: convenient, quick, safe and extremely flexible!

Look here to find out how to do it:

Roll it!

The properties

Furniture and floor protection is duty

“QuickClick” is furniture and floor protection with a two-components system: You always choose a “QuickClick” base part, suitable for your furniture, and a “QuickClick” insert, suitable for your flooring. Click both components together, this is “QuickClick”!

QuickClick: glide and stop inserts

“QuickClick” inserts are available in various materials, shapes and sizes, always suitable for your floor and the chosen base part. “QuickClick” inserts allow furniture and objects to slide gently and noiseless and protect every type of floor covering; or they prevent hazardous slipping away and stop on all smooth surfaces.


QuickClick: base parts

Base parts are available in many varieties, e.g. for screwing, for inserting, for pressing-on and gluing. “QuickClick” base parts are manufactured from high-tech plastic and therefore extremely loadable. Base parts are available in various colours, shapes and sizes.


Inserts - varieties

QuickClick DUO

The 2in1-principle – just turn it!

The QuickClick "DUO" is unique. It’s because it is the first reversible furniture glider and works as a 2in1-solution: a glide insert with double protection for robust, soft floors and for sensitive, hard floors. The utilization is quick and easy: in case of exchange of flooring, e.g. parquet, the "DUO" insert can be turned as often as required and without a special tool: just click it out, turn it and click it in again!


The innovation

QuickClick stands for progress

and for permanent further development because changing user demands make new challenges on the system and its components daily. That is how an original idea in 8 parts became a complex range of products. The rapid growth vindicates the success of this unique solution idea. Here we present you some pioneering developments from the “QuickClick” system:

QuickClick "SWING"

Specially developed for rounded, sloping wooden furniture legs, the new premium glider QuickClick "SWING" from Wagner is a real problem solver for furniture manufacturers. With this flexible and technically convincing solution, trendy lounge chairs in Scandi design, for example, can be fitted in no time at all to protect the floor, and thanks to exchangeable gliding attachments, they can be maintained just as quickly.

The "SWING" is manufactured to fit spherical shapes with diameters of 25-30 mm and 40-45 mm, or radii of 13-15 mm and 20-22 mm. The assembly of the glider innovation is as clever as it is simple: The swivelling base part of the "SWING" is placed in the middle of the foot and initially only loosely fixed. It is then brought into its final position by aligning the furniture foot on the floor surface and firmly screwed into place.

The "SWING" is completed by a compatible, ultra-flat “SLIM” glide attachment that simply clicks onto the base part and can be exchanged in seconds without special tools. The freely selectable “SLIM” glide attachments are made of various materials that are gentle on the floor, such as fine felts or highly slippery special plastics. This means that the QuickClick "SWING" can be used flexibly on a wide variety of floor coverings.

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QuickClick "PIEDI Equalizer 2.0"

The “PIEDI Equalizer 2.0” is a new development especially for ergonomic, dynamic seating and sets to work at the chair leg. With this genuine innovation, designers and furniture manufacturers can fulfil all requirements on healthy and flexible sitting in the living and working environment in the easiest possible way and with minimum invest.

Product developers and manufacturers of chairs know the problem:

the commercial success fails if chairs do not meet contemporary requirements regarding ergonomics and sitting comfort. Inflexible and immovable sitting is not only uncomfortable, but also long-term even harmful to health. Chairs that are equipped with conventional foot plugs are inflexible in motion; they provide only one sitting position.

The as simple as technically convincing solution is called “PIEDI Equalizer 2.0”: it optimises sitting comfort and movability up to 100 %. Seating furniture that is equipped with the novel dynamic component follow actively the movements of the sitting person, because an integrated special suspension adapts dynamically to the movements of the user in every direction. The effect: the „PIEDI Equalizer 2.0“ effectively prevents back pain, tensions, malposition, tensions, and hence resulting reduced performance.

No mounting is required for its fixing: just plug the “PIEDI Equalizer 2.0” into the chair leg – and you are ready to go! A reversible and exchangeable “DUO” glide from the patented QuickClick system made by Wagner completes the innovative solution.

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QuickClick "Filigrano"

The QuickClick „Filigrano“ ist the first special glide for dainty, ultra slim furniture legs. It solves the eternal problem of furniture manufacturers and product developers: gracefully built furniture design does not harmonise with clumsy and bulky standard glides. The new Premium glide is the elegant alternative. Due to its discreet, reduced to the essential shape it integrates itself in a sylphlike way into the design of contemporary furniture, e g. of filigree chairs made of wood or metal.

The principle: the QuickClick „Filigrano“ consists of two parts, a base element and a compatible glide insert. The dimensions of the base element are reduced to the absolute minimum: it can be fitted exactly even onto a furniture leg with a diameter of only 17 mm. The assembly is fast and easy: plug the base into a 6 mm drill hole when it is used for wooden furniture, or plug it into a tube leg with an inner diameter of 6 mm for the use with steel furniture. Then click in the fitting Premium glide – and you are ready to go! For the protection of any kind of floor are available specially developed, long-term-tested QuickClick glide inserts with different material properties for any kind of flooring.

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QuickClick "Justus SLIM"

Due to its extremely low overall height and its stringent, reduced to the essential design, the floor-protecting, adjustable furniture foot “Justus SLIM” integrates even into extremely filigree furniture and furniture legs.

Compared to conventional adjustable feet that are often twice as large and visually dominant, the “Justus SLIM” has an overall height of only 4 mm to maximum 8 mm and is the sophisticated, aesthetic and at the same time highly flexible alternative with convincing added value advantages. The “Justus SLIM” is hardly visible and height adjustable. Furthermore, thanks to suitable glide attachments with different material properties, you can use the “Justus SLIM” on a large variety of floor surfaces. The functional principle: screw in the “Justus SLIM” as base element into a thread of the furniture. Subsequently, plug on a compatible, ultra-flat SLIM glide attachment – and you are ready to go! Particularly maintenance-friendly: in caste of waste or change of the floor surface, you can exchange the SLIM glide attachments at any time.

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QuickClick „Tandem UNO“

Massive glides disturb the elegance of filigree skid base chairs and often do not offer a satisfying protection of delicate floorings. This is a permanent problem of designers and furniture manufacturers and a constand annoyance for the users. The new QuickClick “Tandem UNO”.

The premium glide integrates almost invisible with the design of filigree skid base chairs and offers triple protection for various floorings.
Clever: the base element of the QuickClick “Tandem UNO” already serves as a chair glide, because it is made of high-sliding special plastic and thus allows the easy movements of filigree skid legs on soft floorings such as parquet or cork. Two compatible gliding elements made of high-quality felts protect smooth or uneven, hard floorings such as carpet or cork from damages and enable the gentle gliding of the skid base chairs. The complement of the QuickClick base is quick and easy: just press the gliding element onto the base element – and you’re ready to go!

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QuickClick „SMART“

The QuickClick SMART is the as easy to use as versatile and at the same time economic glide solution for any kind of flooring. Never before it has been so easy to fit tubular steel chairs with a floor-protecting equipment: the SMART provides several applications and thus is extremely flexible to use.

Just plug it into the tube of the chair – and use it immediately on all smooth, insensitive floorings. For even more “ride comfort” with the SMART, you can push on fitting gliding elements made of felt or plastic. They complete the clever glide within seconds and get it ready for the gentle and comfortable movement of tubular steel chairs e. g. on sensitive, delicate floorings such as parquet. In case of waste or exchange of the flooring, the gliding elements can be exchanged within seconds, without any special tools. This makes the QuickClick SMART extraordinarily maintenance-friendly – an important, deciding factor for the purchase especially within the contract area.

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QuickClick „Lounge“

It is perfect for sofa, couch etc.: the QuickClick “Lounge” is a novel furniture component which allows the comfortable and silent movement of upholstered furniture on any kind of flooring. The base element of the “Lounge” is equipped with a reversible “Duo” glide insert.

One side of the “Duo” made of high sliding special plastic gives perfect glide properties to sofas, couches and daybeds on smooth floors such as carpet, the other side of the glide made of fluffy wool felt enables the comfortable movement of even heavy upholstery furniture on delicate floors such as parquet. With the development of the QuickClick “Lounge”, everything is just right in form, function and user benefit. That was also the view of the “German Design Council” jury: it has nominated the innovation for the “German Design Award 2015”. Design: Roland Wagner.
With this intelligent product development, manufacturers of upholstered furniture now can offer to their customers for the first time upholstered furniture which can be moved easy, silent and floor-protecting of any kind of flooring. This is particularly important especially within the contract sector, e. g. in hotels and lounges, where upholstered furniture often has to change its position. The invention of the QuickClick “Lounge” makes also life easier for facility managers, because the “Duo” glide insert is extremely easy to maintain. In case of change of flooring, e. g. from carpet to parquet, the “Duo” can be simply clicked out, turned and clicked in again. Just as easily it can be exchanged within seconds when it is worn: just click out the old glide insert, click in a new one - and you're ready to go!
The shape of the base element of the QuickClick “Lounge” where the „Duo“ glide insert can be clicked in, is reduced to the essential and fits with the design of contemporary upholstered furniture. It is made of high-quality plastic and available in two varieties, both with a diameter of 44 mm: one variety to screw on, with a height of 14 mm or 24 mm, as well as a variety in the same sizes with a 12 mm stem to plug into a bore hole. Thus the QuickClick “Lounge” can be fixed at any kind of upholstered furniture.


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QuickClick „Connect“

The novel row connector QuickClick „Connect“ is both, glide and connection element: it allows fast and easy safe connections for chair rows from skid stacking chairs and offers at the same time 100% floor protection.

When separated and used singly, the “Connect” provides best floor protection and extremely comfortable maintenance due to exchangeable slide inserts in the connection element of the chairs.
The seating of multi-purpose halls with conventional row connectors is often circuitous and time-killing. The contemporary solution: the QuickClick “Connect”. This special component makes connection and separation easy, protects any kind of flooring and is maintained within seconds.
The QuickClick “Connect” is composed of two compatible base elements. It is fixed once durable under the skids of the chairs – simply by pressing or screwing-on. The security plus: an anti-rotation device inside of the special component fixes the “Connect” reliable at the tube. By accurately fitting plugging-on each other, the two base parts can be assembled firmly. This enables the stable connection with the respectively next chair in a matter of seconds and provides a stable and non-tilting row. In the same manner, the chairs can be separated again just as fast without effort and no stoop.
For the single use and thus moving of the chairs after the separation of the row connection, the QuickClick “Connect” provides in addition best floor protection and excellent moving properties. It can be equipped with floor-protecting click inserts for easy moving on any kind of flooring. They are made of e.g. smooth wool felt for hard floors such as parquet, or from special plastics for all soft floorings such as carpet. In case of waste or the exchange to another kind of flooring, the inserts can be exchanged without special tools within the twinkle of an eye. Just click out the “old” insert, click in the new one – ready!


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QuickClick „Silencer Slim“

The new QuickClick “Silencer-Slim” combines a plenitude of added value advantages for contemporary furniture design which has never seen before: Due to its minimum construction height it is almost invisible. By the use of an integrated absorber it damps displeasing noise and vibrations when furniture is moved.

In addition, it prevents furniture and floorings from damage, provides excellent sliding properties – actually on uneven floors – and thanks to its exchangeable slide attachments it is extraordinarily easy to maintain.
The new QuickClick “Silencer-Slim” is ultra-flat and thus it is hardly to see – its total height is maximal 4 mm. This is made possible due to the combination of two compatible, extremely minimized elements: a base element which has been developed especially for the QuickClick “Silencer Slim” plus fitting, exchangeable attachment pieces with different material properties to click on the base. Thus, for an optimum floor protection, the QuickClick “Silencer Slim” can be used flexibly on any kind of flooring. Due to the convex form of the attachment pieces, furniture can be moved extremely comfortable, actually on uneven floorings. The application is fast and easy: the base is fixed everlasting under the furniture, for example with a fixing screw. Then, depending to the user’s desire of application on hard or soft floor, a fitting slide attachment is clicked on – ready! Noise and vibrations are damped by an absorber, which completes the base. In case of waste or the exchange of the flooring, e.g. from carpet to parquet, the attachment pieces can be exchanged in a matter of seconds – just click out the old attachment and click on the new one. The QuickClick „Silencer Slim“ is 100 % „made in Germany“.


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QuickClick „Equalizer“

Annoying: wiggling, wobbling furniture, such as tables, chairs or shelves. To blame are mostly uneven surfaces, as is usually the case with tiles or natural stone floorings. The QuickClick “Equalizer”, a new special component from the QuickClick slide and stop system, solves the problem in a clever way:

Due to the own weight of a furniture respectively the weight of a person sitting on a chair, the “Equalizer” balances surface irregularities automatically, equalises and stabilises the furniture in the horizontal position and thus it provides a stable standing.
A special suspension which is embedded into the QuickClick basic adaptor enables the height balance. The basic adaptor inclusive suspension is fixed once at the furniture and remains permanently. The “Equalizer” base is completed with a fitting, reversible “Duo” premium glide for the application on any kind of flooring. It can just be clicked into the basic adaptor. The “ in 1” advantage of this unique glide fulfils flexibly any user’s application desire: at one side fluffy wool felt “Ultrasoft” protects hard, sensitive floorings such as tiles, stone, parquet or laminate. On the other side a high-tech special plastics “Hyper” enables the moving of furniture on soft surfaces such as linoleum or carpet without any effort. The QuickClick “Duo” insert has been awarded with numerous design prizes and it can, due to a patented system, be turned very easy: as often as desired and without a special tool it can be clicked out of the basic adaptor, turned and clicked in again in the twinkling of an eye.
The result: forget about beer mats, wooden wedges etc. The combination of the QuickClick “Equalizer” plus insert “Duo” is an unbeatable product innovation which offers even multiple convincing added value advantages for contemporary furniture and sophisticated users: absolute no wiggling, perfect mobility and optimum floor protection on any kind of surface.


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We are FANS!

The distinctions

"QuickClick" - affordable design for everyone!

“QuickClick” is a patented and often awarded design ‘Made in Germany’. For consumers who attach importance to practical uses, the greatest possible flexibility and high quality.


The references

"QuickClick" – these are first-class references

From partners who apply innovative solutions. For prestigiously designed furniture and home design: individual and exclusive from WAGNER.

The recommendations

“QuickClick” – that means convincing recommendations

From leading manufacturers of high-quality floorings. For demanding users as well as excellent floor protection.

Roll it!

"Dezibel" & "Scratch"

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