What makes us happy

Some things are not obligatory for companies but we think that, as a company, they should be done nevertheless. For example to give something back to society which creates the framework conditions for our successful work. And to your children whose actions will be decisive for the future of all of us.

We are, therefore, committed to education and training, for example with the initiative “WAGNER for kids”. We support kindergartens, schools and colleges. Because giving something back makes us happy.



Consistent innovation management through Kaizen

At the second Kaizen workshop with students from Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, the participants, led by Prof Dr Andreas Friedel, were able to develop and implement their ideas in several areas of WAGNER-Werke in a practical way using the Kaizen principle. The prospective industrial engineers found intelligent solutions for redesigning the dispatch workstations. In line with the motto "Achieve optimum results with little effort", the students first analysed the current situation together with WAGNER's lean management experts, developed a target concept and then used cardboard engineering to produce dummy workstations on a 1:1 scale. This allowed the work processes to be tested and further optimised on site before the final conversion.


Lean Manager Simon Schwab was impressed by the students' creative ideas for improvement at the Kaizen workshop: "They did a great job with innovation management, which gave us all new impetus and fresh inspiration for streamlining our operating processes. The great thing about it is that it's not just about coming up with theoretical solutions; we will implement the restructuring of workplaces and optimisation of process design in the company in the near future."

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World Champion: "The School

We really like this project! That's why we support "The School". This dance school in our neighbouring town of Offenburg is not only a place where you can learn different dance styles from the hip hop field, but also a community that promotes, inspires and brings young people together. For almost 10 years, the founders Denis Craciun and Sebastian Falk have been pursuing their vision of offering children and young people a place of refuge where they can feel comfortable, try out their talent, pursue their passion and get in touch with others.

In the meantime, "The School" is backed by a team of seven professional dancers who not only act as teachers, but also as mentors and role models. They teach the students the technical and artistic aspects of dance, but also values such as respect, discipline and teamwork. In addition, they promote young talents by offering internships, performances and competition participation.

With success: "The School" became world champion in the category "Under 16 HipHop" at the "World Streetdance Championship 2023" in Blackpool! A second group of students as well as the adult dancers were also convincing in the "World Champion Battle" and were able to enjoy top places.

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Kaizen with bright minds

No one should be satisfied with what has "always been this way“ because there is always and everywhere potential for improvement to be discovered. This is the basis of the Japanese Kaizen principle. Translated, kaizen means "change for the better". During a Kaizen workshop in the WAGNER factories, students from the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences impressively demonstrated what practical implementation can look like in a manufacturing company. The extraordinary thing about it was that it was not just about "grey theory", but about concrete changes in operating procedures. Under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Friedel, the prospective industrial engineers were able to develop and implement their ideas in three different company areas in a practical manner according to the Kaizen principle.

The Kaizen workshop at WAGNR not only brought new experiences and insights for all participants, but also a lot of joy in the constructive cooperation. Furthermore, all workshop participants have the chance of exciting internships as part of the practical semester, current topics for a bachelor thesis and a versatile job at Wagner after graduation!

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Vocational orientation with fun and verve

In the WAGNER factories in Lahr, a variety of practical and well-designed products are developed, manufactured and delivered to customers all over the world, such as furniture accessories, doorstops, plant trolleys and transport helpers. But how are actually the internal procedures in a company of the consumer goods industry? And which training professions and job possibilities are offered? In the frame of its engagement for vocational orientation, WAGNER has invited young people from the Evangelischen Kinder- und Jugendhilfezentrum Dinglingen e.V., Dinglinger Haus, to an information visit and provided answers on those and many more questions.

The event started in the blue WAGNER factory II. In the logistics centre, Managing Director Ellen Wagner, Plant Manager Dumitru Bejinariu, Warehouse Logistician Ezequiel Möhring and Alexander Wagner, Warehouse Logistics Trainee, how the management of incoming goods, quality control, competent storage, order picking and outgoing goods works. Subsequently, in the assembly line for transport rollers, the adolescents could take action by themselves and printed load surfaces with the WAGNER logo, glued on informative stickers and mounted castors with fun and verve.

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Second round for the “JobXpedition”!

During the second “JobXpedition”, WAGNER and thirteen further companies of the ALMI, a consortium of medium-sized industrial businesses in Lahr, have offered again to approx. 150 pupils the opportunity to discover in the context of their professional orientation technical and commercial professions with very good prospects for the future.

Throughout the entire duration of the training week, all WAGNER apprentices supported the pupils as “job mentors” and showed them their respective workplaces. The prospective industrial clerks, process mechanics, IT specialists and specialists for warehouse logistics involved the young people actively into their tasks and daily working processes and informed them about the benefits and characteristics of their respective training professions.

At a big final event in the Lahr youth centre “Slaughterhouse”, every expedition participant received his personal “JobXpedition” certificate that is at the same time the guarantee for a later face-to-face job interview for a dual apprenticeship in the ALMI consortium companies.

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Great team!

“For its efforts towards the employment of seriously disabled people, the Wagner System GmbH has fulfilled its social policy responsibilities in an exemplary manner ”, this was the explanation of the jury from the Local Government Association for Youth and Social Affairs of Baden-Wuerttemberg for awarding the company with the inclusion prize “Disabled-friendly Employer”.

For many years, people with handicaps are contributing to the company’s success, each of them in a unique way. As a matter of course, social commitment is a part of Wagner’s company culture. “Inclusion” means here not only providing traineeships and employments but also the creation of new perspectives in a satisfying professional environment that corresponds to the diversity of talents of disabled persons. The Specialist Integration Service that suggests and supports suitable employees is of great assistance for Wagner.

For Managing Director Ellen Wagner this is an ideal partnership: „They make a great job. Their mission is to secure and to encourage the employment of seriously disabled people. Their committed staff come to visit us regularly and provide to our disabled employees and us their assistance, guidance and advice.”

In all tasks, WAGNER integrates persons with handicaps as colleagues with equal rights into the team and encourages them intensively and individually from the beginning, each of them in a very personal way. Thus, integration and inclusion go hand in hand. The delightful result: community and mutual respect create normality and encourage self-esteem and individual independence of the disabled colleagues.

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Colourful graffiti art

During the creative workshop “Graffiti art at the State Garden Show Lahr 2018”, the action was motley, joyful and jolly. “WAGNER for kids” had invited to this event in the framework of the summer holiday programme of the city of Lahr. Twenty girls and boys between ten and fifteen years followed the invitation. On the area behind the historical steam train at the “Meeting point Baden-Wuerttemberg” plant trolleys and mobile plant boxes from Wagner were prepared that had been lavishly planted by the children with flowers, herbs and grasses.

Subsequent to the planting, the spray artist David Rich went into action. He explained the workshop participants where and how it is allowed to spray, gave useful tips and, supported by the team of “WAGNER for kids”, he assisted during the designing of the rollers and plant boxes. The colourful results showed that the children and young people were engaged with fun and ambition.

At the conclusion of the workshop, all participants received a personal creative certificate as well as their artfully sprayed “graffiti rollers” as souvenirs of an inspiring afternoon at the State Garden Show. Worth seeing: as of now, the colourful “GreenBOXes” from Wagner with the graffiti art of the creative kids are exhibited on the area behind the steam train and enrich the State Garden Show with a further attraction.

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Fascinating insights!

Fifteen companies of the ALMI, a consortium of medium-sized industrial businesses in Lahr, had invited in total 150 interested pupils to look behind the scenes during the first Lahr “JobXpedition”. The aim of the four-day education safari in the second week of the Easter holidays was to enthuse young people for contemporary dual trainings, to give orientation on career choice, and last but not least, to find ambitious junior staff.

Wagner, as a member of the consortium, was well prepared for the “rush”. Every day from Tuesday until Friday the company welcomed sixteen expedition participants hungry for knowledge. “Be curious! Ask questions!” was the invitation of the Managing Director Ellen Wagner to the participants of this “super traineeship”. They all had the opportunity to discover and to test by themselves modern technical and commercial professions with very good prospects for the future.

Wagner’s trainees had a very special task at the “JobXpedition”: during the whole period of the trainee week, they supported the pupils as “job mentors”, showed them their workplaces and took them on a journey to a thrilling voyage into professional life that was unknown for the most of them until then. The prospective industrial clerks, process mechanics, IT specialists and specialists for warehouse logistics involved the young people into their daily working processes, gave them the opportunity to take on small tasks independently and explained them what makes their apprenticeship particularly special.

The culmination of the “JobXpedition” was the big final event on Friday evening. During the course of the evening, every expedition participant received his personal certificate that is at the same time the guarantee for a later face-to-face job interview in the ALMI consortium companies. Furthermore, the pupils had the opportunity to win valuable prizes at a draw, food and drinks were served, and last but not least, a DJ provided for musical entertainment throughout the entire duration of the party.

In conclusion, the participants of the first Lahr “JobXpedition” showed great interest, had many new experiences and learned a very great deal. Moreover, for all of them there is a good chance to get an apprenticeship in their desired profession at the ALMI enterprises.

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„Table manners!“

To the creative workshop “What actually is design? – Table manners!” in the framework of the holiday programme of the city of Lahr/Black Forest, “WAGNER for kids” had invited twenty-five girls and boys. Everything revolved around the table, its history, its design and its various applications during the human history.

At first, Eva Schilling who is responsible for Wagner’s Public Relations, explained to the participants the meaning of the term “design” and how to recognise good design. Subsequently, she provided them with information about tables and partly quite unusual table manners of our ancestors, from Egyptians and Celts through to Romans and knights. This was followed by desks and working tables of the baroque age and the shapely Shaker tables. The children also learned about “modern classics”, famous design for timelessly beautiful tables from Marcel Breuer, Eileen Grey and Eero Saarinen, just to name a few.

During the practical part of the workshop, the participants could choose between table tops and furniture legs from Wagner and many decorative materials and, supported by the “WAGNER for kids” team, they constructed and decorated “designer tables” by themselves with a lot of fun and creativity. The personally manufactured tables they could take home, of course, together with a lot of newly acquired knowledge about the fascinating topic “Table manners!”

To the creative workshop “What actually is design? – Table manners!” in the framework of the holiday programme of the city of Lahr/Black Forest, “WAGNER for kids” had invited twenty-five girls and boys. Everything revolved around the table, its history, its design and its various applications during the human history.

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Music is a source of pleasure!

“It is the nature of music to provide pleasure” the Greek philosopher Aristotle has recognised already more than two thousand years ago.  We find joy in music while listening. The joy is even greater if you can play music by yourself in order to give joy to yourself and to other people. Ideally, the musical education starts as soon as possible. Therefore, the Lahr town band gives children and adolescents the possibility to learn to play a musical instrument already from the age of six years. They start with a recorder at first, later they can choose between transverse flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, tenor horn, horn, trombone, tuba and percussions. From the age of ten, the young musicians can prove their ability in the symphonic youth wind orchestra of the Lahr town band with concerts and events.

„WAGNER for kids” supports the children’s and youth work of the Lahr town band because music is a source of pleasure. Furthermore, making music together has many positive aspects for the development of children and adolescents. It strengthens their self-esteem and team spirit, improves motor skills and last but not least the creativity.  All of them are characteristics that will play a role also in their future life.

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Wagner is "unhindered together"!

From the counselling of the Black Forest region Offenburg-Oberkirch, Wagner has gained the title “unhindered together … just barrier-free”. This honour for the committed active participation of a barrier-free community recognises companies and institutions engaged for persons with disabilities in a special way.

“Nobody is perfect – we know this. Therefore, all people should live self-determined and equal in our community and find their own place – regardless of whether with or without handicap,” explained Dr. Nikolaus Stoermer, the First Senior Official of the Black Forest region Ortenaukreis the great importance of the creation of an inclusive society during the certificate award ceremony. “I am therefore grateful for such important initiatives like “unhindered together”, because the participating institutions and companies are getting involved in an intense encounter with handicapped people and are willingly to remove one or other stumbling blocks.” Managing Director Ellen Wagner accepted the certificate on behalf of the complete Wagner team. At Wagner’s, social commitment is a natural part of the corporate culture; numerous colleagues with handicaps are equally integrated in the team and contribute to the company’s success. Each of them in his or her own unique way and with their individual skills, at working places that are handicapped accessible equipped and with barrier-free access.

This is the self-image of everyday realised inclusion at Wagner’s: that people with and without handicaps take care together of all tasks that an industrial company has to face every day – simply “unhindered together”.

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Just sitting ...

„What actually is design? From bearskin to designer chair: the history of seating” was the exciting topic of the creative workshop for children and teenagers that “WAGNER for kids” offered at the holiday programme of the City of Lahr/Black Forest.

Twenty-five girls and boys between six and fourteen years accepted the invitation to participate at the creative workshop. The first programme item was the amusing cartoon by the famous German comedian Loriot “End of the working day”: a man would like “just sitting” and his wife disturbs him permanently. “Just sitting” is not quite as easy as it sounds! Why this is so explained Eva Schilling who is responsible for WAGNER’s public relations with an especially for the workshop conceived, appropriate for children presentation and based on original examples of seating furniture from famous designers: how to recognise good design and which large variety of seating furniture humans have conceived in the course of their history - from bearskin to designer chairs!

In the second, practical part of the workshop, the young “seating experts” could immediately put into practice what they had learned. They were free to choose between numerous furniture components made by WAGNER as well as between lots of decoration material. Then, supported by the “WAGNER for kids” team, they constructed and decorated fanciful little seating furniture such as stools and benches according to their own design ideas.

At the end of the workshop, every participant received its very personal design certificate, a WAGNER surprise goody bag and a richly illustrated book on the subject of design. As a matter of course, the young designers could also take home their self-constructed and fantastical decorated seating furniture – as well as the memory of a beautiful holiday at WAGNER’s, where they learnt a lot about the interesting topic of design and had a lot of fun during the common “design furniture construction”.

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Gentle glides for little chairs

This is not good for the sensitive ears of children: the chairs in the kindergarten “Knospe” (bud) made unpleasant, ugly noise when moving, and only with great effort they could be moved. “WAGNER for kids” helped with words and deeds:

premium chair glides from the patented QuickClick system made by WAGNER provided quick remedy. They can be clicked into a fitting base under the chair’s leg very easy – and you are ready to go! Child’s play then and the “Knospe” children helped eagerly to click the QuickClicks into their chairs.

The result: the little chairs glide now gentle and ear-friendly because the noise level is significant reduced due to the application of the QuickClick glides. Particularly practical: if sometime the glide inserts should be worn away, they can be exchanged just as easy as pie with new inserts. Just click out the old glide, click in the new glide – ready!



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Who invented the wheel?

Was it perhaps Käpt’n Blaubär? In order to answer this question, twenty-five girls and boys watched at the beginning of the creative workshop “The wheel – the best design of all times!” the amusing children’s film “How Käpt’n Blaubär invented the wheel”.

Did he really? No, of course he didn’t, everyone agreed on this – every child knows, that Käpt’n Blaubär likes to spin a sailor’s yarn that means that he likes telling tall stories … How it really was explained Eva Schilling who is responsible for Wagner’s Public Relations, with an especially for the workshop conceived, appropriate for children presentation: where, when and why the wheel has been invented and which imaginative application the humans have been devised for the wheel since its invention more than 6.000 years ago.

After that, the young “Wheel Experts” had the choice between numerous castor varieties and furniture components as well as many colourful decoration materials and construct their own mobile “Designer furniture” and decorate them fancifully.

In the well-deserved break has been served Pizza, ice cream and cool soft drinks for everybody. At the end of the workshop “The wheel – the best design of all times!” every participant received its personal design certificate together with a surprise goody bag. Of course, the young designers could also take home their mobile own creations. The unanimous opinion of the creative kids: laughed a lot, learned a lot and created a lot – this was really much fun!

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Workshop for children „What actually is design?“

“WAGNER for kids” has invited to the workshop “What actually is design?”, and twenty-five creative children and teenagers had a lot of fun!

The first, theoretical part of the workshop started with the award-winning film “World of WAGNER”, which introduced in an amusing way to the subject “design”. Then Eva Schilling, who is responsible for the Public Relations at Wagner’s, firstly explained lively with pictures and also originals meaning and origin of the definition “design”. The kids also gained insights into the history of design and its most important exponents, and last, but not least, a topic was how to recognise really good design.

In the second, practical part of the workshop, the young design experts became creative themselves. They could choose between numerous different furniture parts and design components made by Wagner in order to create their own, individual furniture design. They constructed practical shelves, colourful little tables and many other creations of their own, which the young guests could take at home at the end.

After such a lot of creative power, the next program point was perfectly right: the kids had a nice little lunch with pizza, ice cream and cool soft drinks. At the end of the workshop “What actually is design?” all participants received their own personal design certificate, together with a surprise goody bag which was filled with excellent design products from Wagner. The conclusion of the creative kids: learned a lot and designed a lot – this was great fun! Maybe “designer” will be even a career goal for the one or other.

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German-French technical project

 „WAGNER for kids“ has invited potential machine technicians, product designers and constructors from Lahr and its French sister city Dole to visit the production department of the company.

In manufacturing, assembling and quality management they took the opportunity to look behind the scenes and to study modern machines and devices for the production of high-quality furniture components and home accessories during the production process.

The Lahr technical college, discipline mechanical engineering, realises together with students of the twin school in Dole, the Lycée Jaques Duhamel, an annually German-French technical project. At Wagner’s the main focus of the visitation was the manufacturing of products from plastic and synthetic rubber: in the WAGNER factory I are produced a multitude of furniture components with injection moulding machines, e. g. castors and wheels or sliders.

Particularly interesting for the future product designers and constructors was the process of producing QuickClick, a patented slide and stop system for furniture, which has been invented from Roland Wagner – this is exclusively “made in Lahr”. During this process the felt inserts of the QuickClick sliders for delicate floorings such as parquet or laminate, are not only glued, but permanently connected with plastic directly in the injection moulding machine due to special additives and especially for this process constructed tools.

Within the department “Quality Assurance” the young future technicians got to know various machines, apparatuses and test stations, beneath them special constructions developped by WAGNER such as a test installation, in which with QuickClick equipped chairs of different manufacturers are tested for prolonged periods of time on different floorings, a machine, in which furniture castors are tested in continuous operation for maximum load and material abrasion, an apparatus to determine the tensile and highest pressure as well as a high precision control unit for the exact measurement of the dimensions of the plastic components.

In the WAGNER show-room the newest sales concepts has been presented in the same way as in the trade, for ex. shelf units and displays for DIY-stores and garden centres. The culmination of the student’s visit was the screening of the often awarded image film „World of WAGNER“ in French and German language, which explains with feeling and a portion of humour the topic “good Design” by the example of WAGNER products.

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Children need books!

The furnishing of the Eichrodt school in Lahr has been “getting a bit long in the tooth” and needed urgently a modernisation. At suggestion of the “Circle of Friends Eichrodtschule”, “Wagner for kids” has donated a brand-new library furnishing amounting to more than 3.000 Euro.

The result: now the pupil’s library of the Eichrodt school is colourful, bright and inviting, because the team of “Wagner for kids” has replaced the old furnishing completely with new, custom-made furniture.

Modern shelves in a suitable to children height make the choice easy now, and a big mobile book box and a lot of small containers invite the children to rummage. In addition, the tutor of the library, Ute Alexander, has received a new console including a desk with a lot of storage space.

The expense was worthwhile – the little “bookworms” are excited about the new equipment, which has been suited to their needs. Thus they can become “regular customers” of the pupil’s library starting from the first class.

The background for this engagement: a consequent and intensive sponsorship for reading is an important target for “Wagner for kids”, the “Circle of Friends Eichrodtschule” and the educationists of the school. It’s because it is absolutely no implicitness that children enjoy reading – they need to be introduced to reading. This boosts their linguistic development and helps them become good spellers. This is important not only for the school, but also for their future lives. The conclusion: dedication for reading is an investment into the future.

For more information: www.eichrodtschule.de

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Learning center Kinzigtal – „Time that something starts turning“

Calling up curiosity, technical and nature understanding and creativity and at the same time learning in playful way is the goal of this educational project from the BRO (Bildungsregion Ortenau e.V.). This pilot project is supported by „WAGNER for Kids“.

Besides a technical workshop, the learning center in Biberach i.K helps with reading and poor spelling as well as advanced training courses in the fields Media and Multimedia. Addressees are children between kindergarten and elementary school ages as well as educators and teachers. The only project until now in the Ortenau should make itself felt for a long time. Besides Courses and tutoring offers in the learning center itself, there are specially trained pedagogues who go directly to the schools and work on site with children and teachers.

The goal among other things is to ensure long-term professional and social competence for our young talent force from the economy region Ortenau.


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Father Christmas is coming!

On behalf of ”WAGNER for kids”, Father Christmas visited a kindergarten. He brought the children of Lahr’s “Kita am Schießrain“ so many presents that they didn’t even all fit in his sack: nice tables, shelves, playing platforms, furniture accessories and many colourful wheels – much needed equipment for the kindergarten and worth around 5,000 euros. As a thank you, the children danced for him and sang Christmas songs.


Exhibition on the cultural history of the wheel with show of work by Roland Wagner

As part of the “Insights” exhibition series of the Design Center Stuttgart, WAGNER presented the exhibition “People. Furniture. Mobility. From the first wheel of the Stone Age to designer castors of the 21st century“ on the cultural history of the wheel with an accompanying show of work by designer and entrepreneur Roland Wagner.

The exhibition was met with great interest as the wheel is one of the greatest inventions in human history and has been used in countless ways by humans for already thousands of years.

The show of work proved that good design needn’t be expensive and gave, with original exhibits and display plaques, an impressive overview of the work of Roland Wagner.

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Wagner equips kindergarten!

The waiting lists for kindergartens in Lahr are long and there is a great demand for qualified and caring child supervisors. The young teachers Sonja Massa and Sabine Wagner, therefore, decided to set up their own kindergarten but money was short and there was not enough furniture to equip the rooms for the children. “WAGNER for kids“ found out about this and fully equipped the kindergarten with all the necessary items.


Children’s tables for “children’s laughter“

The “Wohlfühlhaus Fischach“ of the “Kinderlachen“ Foundation (The “Children’s Laughter” Foundation) looks after many children and young mothers. Money for new children’s furniture was short and so “WAGNER for kids“ donated tables with traffic motifs – this made everyone happy!


“Art in the park“ with works by Stephan Balkenhol and Olaf Metzel

With a generous financial donation, WAGNER and other sponsors enabled the “Art lovers of Lahr“ to organise a unique artistic event: two of Germany’s most famous sculptors, art professors Stephan Balkenhol and Olaf Metzel, exhibited sculptures of high artistic quality in Lahr’s city park. Balkenhol created an immense pillar out of wood which was crowned with a human “wooden head“ whilst Metzel examined the subject of “non-smoker protection” in a tongue in cheek way with his installation “Smoker’s Box”.


“Children make the world roll“

“WAGNER for kids“ invited all pupils of the third school year of Lahr’s eleven primary schools to enter the big drawing competition. The theme: “Children make the world roll!”. Imagination and creativity were called for – what can’t be made to roll! There were great prizes to be won.

The first prize was furniture worth 3,000 euros for the winner’s school – e.g. tables, shelves, platforms, plant castors, transport aids, castors and wheels and furniture accessories for protecting flooring. The second prize was furniture worth 2,000 euros for the winner’s school and the third prize, high quality furnishings worth 1,000 euros for the winner's school. In addition to this, each participating school received five children’s tables with traffic sign motifs and each child was also presented with a gift at the exhibition opening.

The pictures of the young artists were judged by an expert jury: Brigitte Kaufmann, the mayor of Lahr, artists Peter Link, André Rösler and Rainer Zimmermann, gallerist Nikolaus Bischoff as well as designer, inventor and entrepreneur Roland Wagner. The works were presented in a big exhibition in the works halls of the company in which the prizes were also presented at the opening. Money was also collected for a good cause: the pictures were sold during the exhibition with proceeds going to the international children’s aid organisation BICE Deutschland e.V. / Kinderhilfe Afrika e.V.

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