With plant trolleys from WAGNER’s GREENHOME collection, you’ll make any kind of greenery mobile and you’ll put your ideas about moving and design into practice in no time. Do you want to rearrange everything again in the house and office? Simply push aside the plants when you wipe the floor? Move heavy pots from inside to outside? Avoid waterlogging and contact with the floor? Or just give the lush green a pleasant platform? Everything is possible.

Call ist flower pot roller, plant container taxi, tub roller or rolling platform. It is all the same: the main thing ist hat quality, shape and function are right. We give you a letter and seal for that. For example, the ‚OIL CARE‘ seal of quality, which stands for the natural treatment of our trolley’s wooden surfaces.

Product highlights

Roll it!

To each pot it's own trolley!

Our plant trolley models for "Indoor" and "Outdoor" meet a wide range of requirements and floor coverings - see for yourself:



Roll it!

Woody is a pretty cool guy, comes from the Black Forest and has a mission: helping. All those who go through life bended down. The reason: They are carrying heavy potted plants. Woody decides: He needs to change this. And then he has a vision … How it continues? See for yourself:


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