Striking ornaments

Two new cast iron plant trolley models from Wagner surprise with inventive patterns:  the load surface of the “GH 0919” has the shape of the “Flower of Life”, an ornament that is thousands of years old and widespread in many cultures. In the modern esotericism, this motive is attributed with having helpful properties, for example the “suppression” of rooms and the protection from electro smog. A second, extravagant plant trolley, the “GH 0920”, has a circular pattern design and an extra-large surface diameter.

Both varieties are from cast from iron in handicraft tradition and sealed with a high-quality protecting varnish that makes them water-repellent and weather-resistant. Thus, the decorative rollers are ideally suited also for outdoor use. The “light grey”-coloured “GH 0919” has a diameter 29 cm and a load-bearing capacity of up to 50 kg. Therefore, the “Flower of Life” plant trolley is the ideal mobile platform for all popular small and medium-sized pots. Thanks to a load-bearing capacity of up to 75 kg and an XL diameter of 38 cm, the anthracite-coloured model “GH 0920” is perfect for the easy and comfortable movement of big and heavy potted plants. Both models are equipped with four agile twin-wheel castors from high-quality plastic; two of the casters have brakes, in order to avoid undesired rolling away, e.g. on slightly uneven surfaces. The hard running surface of the castors provides best movability on all soft, robust floorings. The new cast iron plant trolleys complete the Wagner competence range “Plant Trolleys” in the shelf and / or generate additional turnover on very small space as a secondary placement in the “Basket” presenter, anywhere at appropriate places in the store.

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