With pot feet from the GREENHOME collection by WAGNER, you can protect your furniture, window sills and sensitive floor surfaces from damage. Rough undersides of plant pots, vases or decorative objects can cause scratches, scuffs and dents. Moisture can also lead to mould stains, mould growth or lime scale rings.

A quick remedy is provided by pot feet in many practical variants. The choice is yours: for indoors or outdoors? With an anti-slip function or for easy, scratch-free sliding? Made of elastomer, soft wool felt, premium needle felt, EVA or weather-resistant rubber? Self-adhesive, for underlaying or for individual self-cutting? Everything is available – for your personal application needs!

Roll it!

So simple – and so practical!

Why do little feet or fluffy little adhesive pads help you to protect sensitive surfaces and avoid annoying scratches? We'll explain that to you personally. Because hard-edged flower and plant pots now finally get the important undersurface protection!

Ulrich Wagner presents: The "stars" of WAGNER's clever "pot feet" product line – including our absolute highlight, the super-flexible pot support for plants. Take a look right here!



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