Simply practical: product line "Pot feet"

New in the Wagner garden range are practical pot feet for every application need. All variants of the new product line protect furniture, windowsills and sensitive floor surfaces from damage. Because the often-rough undersides of plant pots, vases and decorative objects can cause scratches, scuffs and dents. Moisture can also lead to mould stains, mould growth or lime scale rings. The new pot feet from the German brand manufacturer provide a quick remedy, whether they are self-adhesive or can be placed underneath.

Thanks to their anti-slip function, transparent models made of thermoplastic elastomer ensure a firm, secure footing even on all smooth indoor surfaces. Other pot foot models are made of soft wool felt with stop points made of slip-resistant special plastic. Particularly robust non-slip versions of the pot feet are made of weather-resistant rubber and are useful for outdoor plants: the distance between the pots and the ground protects the roots of the plants against waterlogging and cold when they come into direct contact with the ground.

Extra-thick pot feet made of premium needle felt ensure easy and scratch-free moving of even heavy objects and offer extremely long and safe protection of sensitive surfaces. A soft felt roll could be individually cut to the size of the plant pot, vase or decorative object. The new "pot feet" product line is completed by a model that can be used on both sides for placing underneath. The high-quality trivet is made of a material composition of extra thick, soft wool felt in premium quality and the modern material EVA. Its non-slip EVA side ensures a firm, secure footing, while its felt side provides gentle, floor-protecting mobility.

Advantage for the trade: The new pot feet generate additional sales in the smallest space in the store, e.g. in a sliding wall integrated into the plant trolley shelf or as a variably usable grid hanging.

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