Design awards & more

"Awarded" - many WAGNER products have deserved this honour. We are pleased about that. It shows that we have done something right. We take these wins sportive: we keep on course, we continue tinkering and go for "victory" with the next innovation as well.



proK-Award 2017

Awarded: doorstop "3STOP"

selbst ist der Mann 2017

Awarded: doorstop "3STOP"

DDC Good Design 2017 / Gold

Awarded: "Out of Black Forest"

German Design Award 2017

Special Mention: plant trolley series "Ultraflat"

selbst ist der Mann 2016

Awarded: "GreenRACK"

German Brand Award 2016

Awarded: Industry Excellence in Branding

TASPO Award 2015

Awarded: "GreenBOX"

German Design Award 2015

Nominee: QuickClick "PM / Lounge"

German Design Award 2015

Special Mention: "Screw or Glue WALL"

German Design Award 2015

Nominee: design castor series "3S"

German Design Award 2015

Nominiee: door stopper "EH 51"

German Design Award 2014

Nominiee: castor series "Ultrasoft Deluxe"

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