Here is the revolution!

Nobody wants to nail or stick furniture sliders over and over again if there is an easier way of doing things. There is! It´s easier, more effective and more durable with Wagner´s QuickClick, which is the first sliding and stopping system with replaceable inserts: these are inserts that you can choose optionally and according to your requirements, which can be clicked into and out of your furniture at any time without a special tool, just with one ‘click’! The result:



… protects furniture and floors

The unique system which allows furniture to slide gently and quietly, while protecting every floor nevertheless!


… exists for every piece of furniture and for every floor

In various sizes, colors and shapes, with the SOFT, NATURAL, SUPER and STOPP versions of floor-protecting inserts.


… it is particularly economical

Saves noticeable effort and cost, while offering the optimum longevity, comfort and retained value!


… it is economical design for everyone

Patented, distinguished several times and nominated for the „Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany“.


  • 2016-02-12

    Maximum lounge comfort!

    It is perfect for sofa, couch etc.: the QuickClick “Lounge” is a novel furniture component which allows the comfortable and silent movement of ...

  • 2014-11-25

    QuickClick: Move it easy!

    The problem: if necessary, heavy upholstery furniture and beds can be moved only with an effort and can thereby damage the flooring. The solution:...

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  • Commercial "Take care ..."

    Gib Acht_Header


     “Take care ...”: the brand new QuickClick commercial by filmmaker Jan Reiff - watch right here:

  • Commercial "Decibel"



    “Decibel”: the awarded QuickClick commercial by filmmaker Jan Reiff - watch right here:


    The shown chainsaw exemplifies well-known sources of noise.


  • Commercial "Scratch"



    “Scratch”: the awarded QuickClick commercial by filmmaker Jan Reiff - watch right here:

  • Video

    QuickClick functions really easily: start the demo video here!

  • Video

    The QuickClick ‘Silencer‘ is a revolution and the first vibration-absorbing furniture slider. Hear it yourself!

  • Shop

    Here you can order some selected QuickClick components online:


Wagner´s QuickClick sliding and stopping system is the intelligent alternative to all conventional chair sliders and furniture sliders!

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