"3 STOP" wins pro-K award 2017

Form and function go hand in hand: the novel doorstop “3STOP” from Wagner is winner of the pro-K award 2017. With the pro-K award, the pro-K Industrieverband Halbzeuge und Konsumprodukte aus Kunststoff e.V. (German pro-K Industrial Association for Semi-Finished and Consumer Products in Plastic) honours the best consumer products made out of plastic for outstanding product properties.

The “3STOP” is a genuine innovation: Three rounded wedge elements with different pitch angles make the application of the new “3STOP” 100% flexible. The versatile all-round doorstop is made out of an innovative elastomer. Due to its unique “3in1” advantage, the shapely and functional doorstop protects door, wall and furniture: placed behind the door, the “3STOP” serves as impact protection or as fixation for the door, placed in front of the door as a brake, and between door and doorframe it keeps the door slightly ajar. Flutings at top and bottom of the doorstop prevent slipping or fix the “3STOP” firmly and securely under the door leaf.

The pro-K award 2017 that has been prized for intelligent applications and outstanding design doorstop innovation is manufactured in four colour variations.



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