All-rounders for heavy loads

The newly developed heavy-duty castors “Direction Lock” can be used flexibly as swivel castor or as fixed castor; a simple hand movement allows the easy adjustability. Its technical equipment with a direction lock enables the application of the new castors optionally for straight stable rolling or easy movement in all directions. Depending on your application need, you can activate or deactivate its direction lock manually, just with a pulling or turning movement. The new heavy-duty castors are at disposal in two varieties: with a wheel diameter of 100 mm and an extraordinarily high load bearing capacity of 230 kg as well as with a wheel diameter of 152 mm and an extremely high load bearing capacity of 400 kg.

Both models have a strong wheel width of 50 mm and are manufactured in professional processing quality: casing, side brake and screw-on plates consist of thick-walled steel; the wheel corpus is from solid cast iron. Furthermore, robust roller bearings are implemented into the wheel. A further user benefit: both heavy-duty castors are particularly easy to maintain because they are equipped with two injection nozzles for lubricants in ball-cage assembly and bearing.

The new “Direction Lock” models are available as of now and complete Wagner’s current competence range of castors & wheels in the field of “transport equipment castors for professionals” for DIY stores and specialist retailers.


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