Always in season: "Urban Gardening"

For the sales-boosting presentation of its ingenious “Urban Gardening” product line, Wagner has created a compact combination pallet. With good reason: sales success with “Urban Gardening” products not only during the planting season – yes, this works! All products from the “Urban Gardening” product line from Wagner can be flexibly used all year round in the indoor area and the outdoor area as well.

The new “Urban Gardening” combination pallet is equipped ready for sale and presents on minimum space the mobile plant furniture GreenBOX and GreenRACK, already successfully introduced into the market, in addition the newly developed GreenWALL as well as compatible accessory products such as practical pot holders, single hooks and shelves. With the GreenWALL, Wagner presents a novel, versatile “Urban Gardening” product for the more and more popular “vertical gardening”.  The GreenWALL is made out of FSC® certified solid wood. It has a width of 79 cm and a height of 31 cm. At discretion, it can be varnished, lacquered and decorated and it can be fixed at all straight wall surfaces, or separately or in combination with any number of other GreenWALL elements.

All “Urban Gardening” varieties from Wagner have been created especially for small spaces and greens. Just the same as the compact pallet presentation which allows the sale even on spatially limited areas within the store.



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