Black is beautiful!

Black stands for classical elegance, but also for ultramodern coolness. In short: black always fits! Therefore, the new design castor series “3C Black Line” from Wagner comes completely in black. Either contrasting or corresponding, with its clear shape and colouration it serves as a design element that integrates perfectly into contemporary furniture design of various styles.

At disposal are six types of swivel castors with or without a brake. They have wheel diameters of 50 mm or 75 mm and a load bearing capacity of up to 75 kg. For different applications, they are designed either with a threaded pin with a size of M10x16mm or with a push-in pin with a size of 11x22 mm. Particularly high-grade: all varieties of the design castor series “3C Black Line” score with excellent running properties even in case of long-term use because they are equipped with an extremely durable ball bearing. With all versions of the series, a floor-protecting running surface provides mobility without scratches and stripes on all sensitive floorings, such as parquet, laminate or floorboards. Even more bonus points: a thread guard that avoids the penetration of dirt and dust inside of the wheel laterally encloses the wheel from premium plastic. Furthermore, the wheel casings of the “3C Black Line” are made out of solid, powder-coated industrial steel.



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