Checkout towers "Design Doorstops"

The striking "Design Doorstops" checkout towers are real eye-catchers and generate additional sales everywhere in the store, especially in the checkout zone. Spontaneous purchases are pre-programmed here: On a stand area of only 50 cm, newly developed, signal-red secondary placements sell two of the most sought-after doorstop models in the exclusive design by Wagner.

The clever principle: the new "Design Doorstops" checkout towers function exactly at handle height as a "product dispenser"; as soon as the customer removes the stopper of his choice, new stoppers slide in. One of the checkout towers is equipped with the doorstop innovation "3STOP" in five classic and up-to-date colours; two of the models fluoresce in the dark. With its unique "3in1" advantage, the multi-award-winning design doorstop protects door, wall and furniture: Behind the door, the "3STOP" serves as impact protection or to fix the door, placed in front of it acts as a hold-open, and between the door and the door frame it keeps a gap wide open.

The smart design door stop "EH 69", presented in four trendy colours in the second checkout tower, is also a real all-rounder: round like a small discus, elastic and technically cleverly designed, the innovative door fixer can be screwed in precisely under any door gap thanks to its rising clamping surface. In addition, the "EH 69" can also be clamped over door and window handles as a buffer or used to compensate for height under furniture. At the "German Design Award 2021", the door stop innovation was awarded the jury's "Special Mention" prize.

Both checkout towers are the perfect presenters for additional sales everywhere in the store. A strong display presentation including a reference to informative product videos makes the spontaneous purchase decision easy.

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