Clear line in black-transparent

Ten new models in black-transparent complete the bestseller series "CLEAR". The modern door stops score with good design and easy handling: All "CLEAR" variants are simply glued on and can be removed just as easily without leaving any residue.

This clever fixing solution avoids unsightly drill holes and thus contributes to maintaining the value of high-quality, smooth floor coverings such as parquet, laminate, marble or tiles. For best protection of walls and furniture, the new "CLEAR" models are made of high-quality plastic with an elastic impact protection from thermoplastic rubber. With their clear design and classic, timeless colour scheme, the chic black stoppers match any interior in the home or office.

A refillable presentation stand made of domestic wood sells the complete "CLEAR" series in the smallest spaces in the market, e.g., at doors, floor coverings and in the checkout area.

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