Clever glider solution: QuickClick SMART BSG

The "Basis SMART BSG" is the aesthetically convincing and at the same time highly flexible alternative to conventional plug-in plugs. Thanks to its freely selectable floor-protecting features, it protects any type of floor surface from damage without appearing visually dominant in the context of the furniture design. In combination with WAGNER's "Roller-Mini BSR" drill countersink castor, "Basis SMART BSG" is ideal for gently and easily moving extendable tables, for example.

The elegant, almost invisible glider solution is sunk once into the foot or base plate of a piece of furniture and can be used immediately on all robust floor coverings. For all other floor surfaces, compatible SMART glide attachments, which can be replaced in seconds, are pressed on. Thanks to their special material properties, the gliding attachments are ideal for moving furniture on a wide variety of surfaces: The "Ultrasoft" attachment is made of downy-soft wool felt, perfect for scratch- and streak-free mobility on highly sensitive coverings such as parquet or marble. Three other gliding attachments are made of highly gliding special plastics: The "Hyper" insert is ideal for all soft, rough floor surfaces; "Black" is ideal for all robust coverings indoors and outdoors, and the "Extreme" glide attachment scores with the best gliding properties on all hard, rough floors indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to its very low installation depth of only 14 mm, the "Basis SMART BSG" can be installed quickly and easily. Simply press it into a drilled hole, use it immediately on robust coverings or press on a SMART glide attachment, done! Particularly easy to maintain: All glide attachments can be replaced in seconds without special tools when worn or when the floor covering is changed, simply with a "click"!

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