Compact P.o.S. concept

Wagner brings movement to the market: The compact P.o.S. concept "Castors & Wheels" brings diversity and a wide range of variants to the shelf. It sells proven classics and genuine manufacturer innovations on one, two, three or four shelf units and offers professionals and DIY enthusiasts the highest level of solution expertise, quality, technology and product choice.

The clear presentation makes orientation on the shelf easy: Clearly organised into category groups, model variants, sizes and materials, the new concept offers the greatest possible variety. Here, everyone can find the perfect castor or the ideal wheel for their project: From bed and drawer castors, furniture castors and design castors to transport equipment, apparatus and heavy-duty castors. An integrated sliding wall sells the appropriate fixings and accessories to save space. Furthermore, from three shelving units upwards, a separate "tyre centre" offers a large selection of pneumatic tyres and puncture-proof foamed wheels, including replacement inner tubes and axle material. 

Product information such as load bearing capacity, wheel diameter, wheel bearing and material properties are communicated in an easy-to-understand way using information displays and product cards. In addition, a video animation with fitting instructions can be called up for each castor and wheel – simply by scanning the QR code with a smartphone.

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