Contemporary swivel chair castor

With its slim silhouette, the twin wheel castor for swivel chairs, “Konkav / black” is the contemporary castor for modern swivel chair design. Its extraordinary shape is setting design accents: the wheels are not outwardly curved as with conventional twin wheel castors for swivel chairs, but both-sided designed concavely. With the colour black, the castor for swivel chairs that is tested to DIN 12529 captivates down to the finest detail: it is equipped with a black galvanised stem and, in the soft variety, with a black soft running surface. 

With a diameter of 50 mm and a load bearing capacity of up to 50 kg, the novel swivel chair castor provides an agile and comfortable moving of the chair, even with “heavyweights”. For this purpose contributes also the flat running surface of the “Konkav / black” that makes chairs even more easy-running than conventional castors with rounded running surfaces. The interval brake of the “Konkav / black” is tested to DIN 12529 and complies with all security regulations of consumer’s protection. Casing and wheels are made out of high-quality plastic. For best running properties on various floorings, the “Konkav / black” is manufactured with hard wheels for soft, robust floor surfaces as well as with floor-protecting soft wheels with high-gloss, black TPR running surface for hard, sensitive floors. Compatible for every castor hole with a diameter of 11 mm, the “Konkav / black” is equipped with an 11 mm stem, ideal for quick and easy mounting.

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