Design castors series shows its colours

The extraordinary look of the newly developed, technically advanced design castors series “3C” from Wagner results from the combination of differently coloured wheel elements. In addition, corresponding or contrasting casing colours allow further varieties for the individual furniture construction. Beneath numerous standard colourings, also custom-designed colour combinations can be produced needs based. Furthermore, the “3C” design castors are available with many technical extras and in three sizes.

The smallest variety of the “3C” models has a wheel diameter of 25 mm at a load bearing capacity of up to 12 kg and is available as swivel castor with robust plain bearing with and without break and as fixed castor. Two further models with wheel diameters of 50 mm and of 75 mm at a load bearing capacity of up to 30 kg respect. 50 kg are at disposal as swivel castors with and without total break. For particularly easy-running and comfortable movement, these varieties are equipped with a highly durable ball bearing. The casing of all “3C” design castors consists from chromed or powder-coated industrial steel, the integrated screw-on plate is made out of galvanised steel. A thread guard that avoids a penetration of dirt and dust inside of the wheel laterally encloses the wheel from high-quality plastic. A floor protecting soft running surface provides mobility without scratches and stripes on all hard and sensitive floor surfaces.


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