Do it yourself-project: „Woody loves bees“

Wagner is commited to protecting Nature and our Enviroment. That means, creating new, near natural habitats for a wide range of diffrent insects like such as bees, butterflies or other small creatures. With our Project: „Woody loves bees“, presented to you trough our Brand ambassador „Woody“, is Europe's largest manufacturer of plant trolleys a large-scale, ambitious participatory project for trade and consumers, launching.

The Concept: 250.000 our most sold plant trolleys modelle  of Wagner have  a sachet full of species-rich organic seed with the value of 3,99€ included, will be shipped in whole Germany and all over europe. The seed bags will contain seeds for 5 m² of colourful, bee-friendly flower diversity for growing  them up in a box on the balcony or terrace. The whole space that will be generated is a flower meadow of up to 1.250.000 m², the equivalent of about 175 football fields!  
Wagner supports sales for the "participants" in the trade with a PoS package specially designed for the "Woody loves bees" project for all plant roller shelves. While this time, a secondary placement campaign with attention-grabbing promo pallets is now running alongside. The big participation campaign is being promoted intensively on the company website as well as on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Also the Wagner-Campus is in: On an area of approx. 12.000 m² there will be created a „Woody loves bees“ bee pasture in Spring 2021.
The space will be meadow of around 4.000 m² with a rich food supply for honey bees, wild bees, bumblebees, butterflies and numerous other endangered small animals for example lizards. Directly next to it, yellow rape is also in bloom on an area of 8.000 m², which also provides a large supply of nectar and pollen for bees and other insects.

At the edge of the flower meadow, five beehives have been set up, each of which is home to 60.000 honey bees, i.e. a total of about 300.000 bees. For wild bees and many other insect species, a large "insect hotel" at the edge of the flower meadow provides shelter, nursery and winter quarters. And for lizards, a new habitat is being created from quarry stones, sandstones, deadwood and small mounds of earth for egg-laying.

Conclusion: Taking Action will be rewarded- for all! The Trademarket profits from the additional sales, because of good Product additions, strong sale aids and the growing number of environmentally conscious, sustainably consuming consumers contributes to ecological diversity with a bountiful food supply for bees & co. with the purchase of every single "Woody loves bees" plant roller.


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