Doorstops in the mini format

As of now, six varieties in the new mini format complete Wagner’s full range of doorstops. All models have merely a size of max. 30 mm and score with fancy design, high functionality and maximum protection of door, wall and furniture. Depending on the model, you can glue and/or screw the new doorstops for floor, resp. wall; due to their dainty composition, they recede into the background in a superior way.

Three mini varieties with a diameter of only 20 resp. 30 mm complete the multiple awarded series “Screw or Glue WALL”. The dainty mini stops combine a round metal corpus with an elastic rubber element that serves as impact protection and noise absorber. It effectively absorbs door impacts and thus guarantees the intactness of door handle and wall. Furthermore, you can mount them flexible at the wall: or you screw them fix and durable, either glue them on all smooth surfaces and remove them at any time, without leaving residues or damaging the wall. A slight turning movement is sufficient to remove the stops from the wall.

Moreover, Wagner has designed three further new doorstop minis for floor mounting. They are equipped with a corpus in high-class stainless steel look resp. a satin-finished cover cap as well as with elastic rubber elements. In spite of their small diameters of 25 to 30 mm at a height of only 17 to 30 mm, also these mini doorstops offer best protection of doors, walls and furniture in household, workshop and office.


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