Dual fixing solution!

The “EH 5135”, a new wall doorstop model in brushed stainless steel finish, completes the multiple awarded doorstop series “Screw or Glue WALL” from Wagner. Particularly practical: a dual fixing solution allows its application on numerous wall surfaces.

The „EH 5135“ combines an oval corpus with a size of 59 x 40 mm with an elastic rubber element that serves as shock absorber and noise reducer. Furthermore, it effectively cushions door impacts. Like all varieties of the doorstop series “Screw or Glue WALL”, the “”EH 5135” offers a novel dual fixing solution. The user has the choice: you can screw the contemporarily designed doorstop into place firmly, or you have the possibility of adhering it on all smooth surfaces; remove it at any time without leaving any residues and without damaging the wall. With a slightly twist movement you can strip away the nice and practical doorstop. The new wall doorstop “EH 5135” is available as of now; present it sales boosting in store within the shelf presentation or in a side-hang.



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