Filigree glide solution

Newly developed “Filigrano” varieties are especially designed for slender wire frames. The premium components with a delicate, saddle-shaped casing are dimensionally reduced to the absolute minimum; they are an as aesthetical as technically convincing glide solution for contemporary, filigree chair and furniture design.

Currently at disposal are “Filigrano” models for wire diameters of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 mm. All models of the new, minimized glide solution consist of a base element and a compatible glide cap. The base is equipped with a fixing pin and can be fixed very easy at the wire frame by inserting or plugging on. Thereby, the saddle-shaped casing encloses the wire and ensures reliable and secure hold. Subsequently, click on a fitting glide cap with a diameter of only 13 or 17 mm, and you are ready to go. For comfortable and floor-protecting movement on a large variety of floorings, the QuickClick glide caps are available in different varieties resp. with different material properties. “ULTRASOFT” from fine wool felt for a movement without scratches and stripes on sensitive floorings such as parquet or laminate, for example, or “HYPER” made out of highly slidable special plastic for best gliding properties on all soft, robust floor surfaces such as carpet or cork. Particularly user-friendly and easy to maintain; in case of waste or change of flooring, all glide caps can be exchanged in a matter of seconds, with just a “click”; this is an important aspect especially within the contract sector.



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