Flexible jointed glider solution: QuickClick "Expander"

The problem: Conventional jointed glider spigots only fit on one internal pipe dimension. The newly developed jointed glider "Expander" from Wagner's QuickClick system, on the other hand, adapts flexibly to an internal pipe diameter of 12-14 mm and seamlessly bridges all intermediate dimensions. Another advantage of the glider innovation: Thanks to interchangeable glide attachments, the "Expander" can be used on a wide variety of floor surfaces.

The "Expander" is also aesthetically pleasing: Conventional articulated gliders are significantly bulkier due to the external joint. By moving the joint to the inside of the tube, the "Expander" minimises the overall height while retaining the full range of functions.

The new jointed glider consists of two parts: A universal slat, which is placed in the pipe and expands inside, and a jointed glider head, which can optionally be fitted with compatible "Smart" glide attachments. Installation is quick and easy: The slat is firmly clamped inside the tube using an Allen key. The jointed glider head is then pressed into the "Expander". It is now immediately ready for use on soft, robust floor surfaces. For all other floor coverings, a suitable "Smart" glide attachment is clicked into the jointed glider head. Thanks to their special material properties, all "Smart" versions are ideal for moving tubular steel chairs gently and quietly on a wide variety of surfaces.

Particularly easy to maintain: If necessary, the "Smart" attachments can be replaced in seconds, without special tools and simply with a "click".

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