For indoors & outdoors: "Smart jointed glider".

The "Smart jointed glider", a real innovation from Wagner's QuickClick system, is the simple, aesthetic and at the same time cost-effective glider solution for tubular steel chairs. The newly developed glider can not only be used indoors but is also ideal for equipping chairs outdoors in a way that is gentle on the floor. This is because the "Smart jointed glider" is made exclusively of plastic without metal parts that are susceptible to corrosion; this makes it 100% suitable for outdoor use and particularly durable.

The "Smart jointed glider" is also visually convincing: Unlike conventional glider solutions, its joint is laid completely inside the tube. This results in a minimal installation height and the glider is hardly visible in the context of the furniture design. Its application is extremely simple: The "Smart jointed glider" is inserted into the chair tube and can be used immediately on all robust floor coverings. For all other floorings, the basic part is supplemented by a compatible "smart" felt or plastic gliding attachment, which ensures protection and comfort when moving the chairs even on highly sensitive floors. The matching gliding attachments made of high-quality felts or special plastics can simply be pressed onto the base. Also very simple: In case of waste or exchange of the flooring , the "Smart" glide attachments can be replaced quickly and without special tools. This makes the "Smart jointed glider” exceptionally easy to maintain; an important, purchase-deciding aspect especially in the contract sector.

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