Four nominations for "German Design Award 2018"!

Record-breaking: Wagner is four times on the shortlist of the “German Design Award 2018! It is considered the highest German design distinction. For outstanding product and communication design, the German Design Council, the expert for brand and design in Germany, annually bestows it. Nominated are the transport helper line “MDF EXTREME”, the extendable load roller “MM 1331”, the novel door stop “3STOP” as well as the latest product film of the brand manufacturer, “Out of Black Forest”.

All types of the new transport helper line “MDF EXTREME” score with good design, sophisticated technical details and a special material mix: the combination of coated plate materials and the great carrying capacity of sturdy MDF plates make all six varieties extraordinarily robust and extremely durable. A further transport helper from Wagner, the MM 1331, is on the shortlist of the “German Design Award 2018” as well. The innovation: the versatile load roller is equipped with an adjustable runner element that can be adapted individually to the length of the load.

Form and function are in harmony also with the nominated doorstop “3STOP”. Three rounded wedge elements with different pitch angles make its the application extremely flexible: placed behind the door, the “3STOP” serves as impact protection or as fixation for the door, placed in front of the door as a brake, and between door and doorframe, the doorstop innovation keeps the door slightly ajar.

The fourth nomination for the “German Design Award 2018” goes to the Black Forest road movie “Out of Black Forest”, the latest product film from Wagner. The wacky story about the charismatic performer “Woody” impresses with wealth of ideas, humour and superior artistic quality. You can watch the nominated five-minute film directly here!

In the next few weeks, prominently staffed juries of the “German Design Award” will take their decisions about the final distinctions with the demanded “Winner” and “Special Mention” awards.



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