"German Brand Award 2019" for QuickClick®

Strong brand „designed in Lahr / Black Forest“: QuickClick®, the innovative and multiple awarded glide and stop system made by Wagner, has received the distinction “Winner” at the “German Brand Award 2019”. The prestigious distinction is granted by the renowned “German Design Council”. It honours ground-breaking brands, brand makers and brand concepts.

The success story of the brand QuickClick® began almost twenty years ago with a new interior tendency: more and more consumers replaced their old carpets by high-value but sensitive floorings such as parquet or laminate; the same trend emerged also within the contract sector. Nothing has changed until today. This is a genuine problem because sensitive floorings must be protected reliably against costly damages. Conventional furniture glides to stick or to nail do not meet the contemporary requirements regarding quality, design and maintenance friendliness.

The simple, effective and sustainable solution comes from Wagner – with the development and production of QuickClick®, the first furniture glide system with exchangeable and reversible glide and stop inserts. For any kind of flooring, the inserts are at disposal in different materials, for example made out of slip-resistant elastomer, gentle wool felt, highly slidable specialised plastics or a natural special fibre mixture. The principle of the clever invention: a base element is fixed once at the furniture and fitting glide or stop inserts clicked into or onto the base in a quick and easy manner.  In case of waste or exchange of the flooring, they can be exchanged or turned in a matter of seconds without special tools. Over the course of the years, from formerly two models emerged an extensive range of products for any kind of furniture and any kind of flooring. Nowadays, the “German Brand Award 2019” winner and registered brand QuickClick® is commercially available for any kind of application demand, and furniture manufacturers worldwide use it in a wide range of varieties.

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