„German Innovation Award SPECIAL 2024“ for QuickClick „SMART FLEX“

The jury of the "German Design Council" has honoured the "SMART FLEX", a new development from Wagner's QuickClick system, with the "German Innovation Award SPECIAL 2024" in the category "Interior & Living". This is because the versatile jointed glider innovation integrates almost invisibly into contemporary furniture design – the joint is completely concealed inside the tube; the glider thus achieves a minimum installation height. In addition, the "SMART FLEX" is manufactured without any metal parts that are susceptible to corrosion, making it 100% suitable for outdoor use.

It is extremely easy to use: the "SMART FLEX" is inserted into the chair tube and can be used immediately on all robust surfaces. For all other floor surfaces, the base part is supplemented with a compatible, "smart" felt or plastic glide attachment, which ensures protection and comfort when moving the chairs, even on highly sensitive floorings. The matching glide attachments made of high-quality felts or special plastics are simply pressed onto the base. The "SMART" glide attachments can be replaced quickly and without special tools. This makes the "SMART FLEX" exceptionally easy to maintain; an important, decisive aspect, especially in the contract sector.

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