Heavy-duty castors in professional quality

A series of new premium heavy-duty castors from Wagner is characterised by an exceedingly high load bearing capacity, best running comfort and a high-class material and processing quality. The extremely durable castors are made for the highest requirements in craft and industry; even in continuous operation, they can be used over a long period.

The new castor series consists of three varieties for every application demand: two swivel castors as well as a fixed castor have a load bearing capacity of up to 300 kg at a wheel diameter of 125 mm. Further technical details: for maximum safety against rolling away, one of the swivel castors is equipped with a strong total brake. Casing, total brake and screw-on plate are from solid, galvanised industrial steel. The wheel axles are not riveted but firmly screwed. This allows the re-tightening of the screw connection or an easy exchange of the wheel. The wheel corpus is manufactured from thick-walled die-cast aluminium; highly stable, particularly long-lasting ball bearings provide for excellent running properties even in case of continuous use. A thread guard on the rim of the castor prevents particles of dirt and foreign objects from entering the bearing of all three varieties. The running surface of the wheels has a failsafe coating from floor-protecting, abrasion-proof and utmost wear-proof polyurethane (PU).

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