High-End: castor line "ULTRASOFT Deluxe"

Premium products on the highest quality level – this the definition of high-end. In short: the best of the best! The high-end castor line “ULTRASOFT Deluxe” fulfils this ambition in its entirety: the newest generation of high-performance equipment castors combines excellent material and processing quality with ingenious technical details, state-of-the-art design and colouring as well as best floor protection.

With a load capacity of up to 75 kg per castor, the “ULTRASOFT Deluxe” castors allow the easy and silent movement of e.g. furniture, devices and apparatuses. Particularly long-lasting ball bearings ensure excellent operating characteristics of all varieties of the high-end castor line. The casings made of solid industrial steel are equipped with a thread guard that encloses the wheel bearings both-sided and thus prevents the entering of foreign particles. The blue ULTRASOFT wheel surface from velvety however highly sturdy TPR, thermoplastic rubber, preserves sensitive floorings, e.g. parquet and linoleum, and prevents from damages such as dents, scratches and stripes when moving. The wheel profile with its extra broad running tread has all advances of “wide-base tyres”: excellent mobility, best ground contact and maximum curve stability.

The high-end castors from the new “ULTRASOFT Deluxe” line with the wheel diameters 50 mm and 75 mm are available as fixed castors and as swivel castors for any kind of application desire, optionally also with total brake. This heavy-duty brake made of solid steel is extremely resilient. Compared to conventional plastic brakes that only block the wheel from rolling, total brakes provide double security, because it blocks at the same time swivelling and wheel arch. This guarantees reliable stableness – even on steep surfaces. A further quality characteristic of the high-end castor line: the castors are not riveted but screwed together. So they can be exchanged fast and easy, if required. Fitting spare wheels are component parts of the “ULTRASOFT Deluxe” line.


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