Immediate height levelling for conference chairs

It automatically equalizes uneven floorings: the “Piedi Equalizer”, a newly developed premium component from the patented QuickClick system made by Wagner, ensures a firm position without any wobbling. Due to the own weight of the furniture and/or the seating person, differences in height of the floor surface are levelled and relaxed and comfortable seating is guaranteed.

A special suspension, integrated into the “Piedi Equalizer”, allows the height compensation with immediate effect. The result: the conference chair stands stable and wobble-free on slightly uneven floor surfaces. Mounting is quick and easy: just insert the “Piedi Equalizer” into the chair leg – and you are ready to go! A reversible “Duo” glide to click into the “Piedi Equalizer” completes the premium component. This unique, often awarded glide fulfils flexibly any application desire: on one side, fine wool felt protects hard, sensitive floorings, on the other side a high-glide special plastic allows the comfortable movement of furniture on smooth, robust floor surfaces.

The “Duo” glide can be reversed as often as required or exchanged maintenance-friendly in no time. These are further, convincing benefits for the user and additional sales arguments for the chair manufacturer. The “Piedi Equalizer” has a diameter of 50 mm and is compatible with a “Duo” glide insert with a diameter of 40 mm. The design of this exclusive special component is classically elegant and harmonises with “modern classics” as well as with the latest developments.



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