Environmentally friendly: "ECOFRIENDLY" series

Boards made of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) are manufactured from coarse wood chips and have high stability and bending strength. New transport helpers from Wagner's "ECOFRIENDLY" series, made from this natural recycled material, are perfect for the safe and environmentally friendly transport of heavy loads.

All variants of the "ECOFRIENDLY" rollers are characterised by a high load-bearing capacity of up to 250 kg thanks to the special material properties of their FSC®-certified OSB loading surfaces. They are available in different sizes and shapes for every application need and are optionally equipped with hard castors for robust floor surfaces or with soft castors for sensitive floor coverings. One of the new "ECOFRIENDLY" models also offers perfect all-round protection, as it is equipped with soft edge protectors at every corner of the roller. This gently cushions impact and effectively protects the load and surroundings.

The new transport helpers of the "ECOFRIENDLY" series are available to order now and complement the German brand manufacturer's competence range on the shelf and in secondary placements presented in a sales-boosting way.

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