Invisible guide castor for extendable tables

The guide castor for extendable tables “RO 99”, a new development from Wagner, allows the quick and easy enlargement of even heavy, solid dining tables, desks or conference tables without dominant visual appearance. The guide castor is integrated into the table leg and thus, in context with the furniture design, it is quasi invisible.

The functional principle of the novel castor is simple for the user: by gently lifting of the table, thanks to an ingenious spring mechanism, the castor is pressed out of the casing, locks, and the table top can be extended on rolling table legs without great effort. As soon as the table has reached the desired position, the castor locks again by pressing gently onto the table top.  Now the table stands stable, the castor is inside of the table leg again and no more visible. For minimizing the table again, a gently lifting of the table top is sufficient as well, then the castor is ready for use and the table legs are ready for rolling. After minimizing, the table gets back its stable position by gently pressing on the table top.

Depending on the table weight, the “RO 99” is available in two varieties. A further advantage of the new guide castor for extendable tables: it is equipped with a soft wheel and thus protects during the movement sensitive floorings such as parquet or laminate from dents, scratches and stripes.



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