Invisibly mobile

Two newly developed, extremely flat plant trolley models from Wagner are designed without visually dominating castors. Furthermore, they combine the excellent material properties of coated plate materials with the great carrying capacity of sturdy MDF plates. The design of Model “GH 0275” is classically round; the “GH 0276” scores with its extraordinary floral shape.

Both plant trolley innovations seem to hover weightlessly above the floor. With the model “GH 0275”, mini castors that are countersunk under the load platform, and with the variety “GH 0276”, little swivel castors with an overall height of only a few millimetres give them invisible mobility. Due to its high load-bearing capacity of up to 100 kg and a diameter of 29 cm and 33 cm, both plant trolleys are the perfect mobile base for heavy small and medium-sized potted plants and planters. Particularly high-grade: Both, top and bottom side of the MDF load surfaces, are covered with a high-grade coating that is proven in furniture construction. This makes it extraordinarily robust, extremely hardwearing and easy-care. The invisibly mobile rollers extend the competence range “Plant Trolleys” of the German manufacturer with two genuine design innovations within the shelf placement. In addition, you can place both novelties as “solitaire” presentations in the Wagner “Basket” on smallest spaces in the store and in the roofed outdoor sales areas. They are placed optimally e.g. with potted plants and planters.

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