Modern design for stable stoppers

Three new models made of industrial steel in a high-quality satin stainless steel look now complement the top-selling series "BIG DISK" from WAGNER. The floor doorstops in a modern design can be integrated anywhere in a modern living and working environment and provide stable protection for doors, walls and furniture.

The new design stoppers are of high quality and solid workmanship: A heavy corpus made of industrial steel in a stainless-steel look guarantees a firm, reliable stand. The cylindrical and dome-shaped models EH 5210 and EH 5211 have a thermoplastic rubber design cap that runs all the way round and acts as a bumper to protect the floor. The EH 5212 model is equipped with a wide impact protection made of thermoplastic elastomer as well as an extra-thick anti-slip base made of the same material. No assembly is required: All "BIG DISK" models are simply placed where they are needed. Placed in front of the door, the shapely design stoppers hold it securely open, even heavy doors no longer have a chance of slamming loudly thanks to their stable use; placed behind the door on the wall side, they gently cushion even hard impacts.

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