Multifunctional furniture components

The multifunctional furniture components of the series Roller-Mini "BSR" replace complex guide systems or make furniture and equipment invisibly mobile. The ground clearance of the innovative drill-sink castors is only 1 mm or 4 mm, depending on the type of application required. Thanks to this intelligent solution, convertible furniture can be pulled out easily and comfortably, and box furniture or seating furniture can be moved without damaging the floor and without exerting force.

Depending on the model, the swivel castors of the Roller-Mini "BSR" series are equipped with or without a collar, with plain or ball bearings and with a soft or hard wheel. In the variant Roller-Mini "BSR Stopp", an integrated braking device stops the furniture by its own weight.

In combination with the QuickClick base "BSG", the Roller-Mini "BSR" are ideal for gently and easily moving extendable tables. The elegant, almost invisible glider solution is inserted into a 14 mm deep hole in the foot or base plate of a piece of furniture and can be used immediately on all robust floor coverings. For all other floor surfaces, compatible "SMART" gliding attachments are pressed on.

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