Multifunctional premium glide for tubular steel chairs

Its system benefit makes it extremely flexible: the newly developed special component Basis “Uno” from the patented QuickClick system made by Wagner even without a glide cap already serves as a chair glide because it made out of a high-sliding synthetic material and can immediately be used on all soft, robust floorings. For the easy and comfortable movement of tubular steel chairs on all other floor surfaces, you can click onto the base compatible QuickClick glide caps made out of premium felts, for example.

Assembly is done in no time: just plug the Basis “Uno” into a borehole of 5.5 mm or 8 mm. A centrally placed pivot with four fixing naps and a rounding of the base surface that is adapted to the tube diameter prevents shifting and ensures a stable and safe grip. According to your customer’s demands, you can plug on the fitting QuickClide glide caps; because of their different material properties, they are suitable for the movement of tubular steel chairs on many different floor surfaces.

Due to its small size of only 27 x 13 x 5 mm and its reduced design, the Basis “Uno” integrates with the design of tubular steel chairs almost invisible. Furthermore, thanks to its unique comfort equipment with compatible glide caps for any kind of flooring within the living area and the contract sector, the premium glide solution provides genuine added value to the user and thus convincing additional sales arguments for every manufacturer.



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