New transparency

As a young alternative to Wagner’s classic series of small castors with black wheels, transparent, and thus almost invisible models complement the furniture castor range of Wagner. The new castor series gives self-made or existing pieces of furniture, crates, boxes and much more a comfortable mobility without the visual dominance of visible wheels.

The transparent furniture castor series consists of six varieties. Three fixed castors provide for a straight and directionally stable running. The smallest castor with a wheel diameter of 25 mm has a load-bearing capacity of up to 40 kg; the two larger models with diameters of 30 and 50 mm can be loaded up to 45 respectively 50 kg. Three further varieties are furniture swivel castors and allow for agile manoeuvring in all directions. With wheel diameters of 25, 30, and 40 mm, these versions have load-bearing capacities of 15 up to 35 kg per castor.

The hard running surface of the wheels from high-quality special plastic gives all models the best mobility on all soft, robust floorings. The casings of the new transparent castors are manufactured from galvanised industrial steel. All varieties are equipped with a screw-on plate that makes the mounting quick and easy: just screw it on, and you are done!



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