Perfectly black: twin-wheel castor for furniture "RO 60"

With its clear design, the "RO 60" double castor corresponds perfectly with contemporary furniture design. It is manufactured in several versions to meet the needs of different applications for mobile furniture. All versions of the elegant castor are available with or without a locking brake and have a load bearing capacity of up to 50 kg.

The extra comfort for developers and users: the extremely wide wheel tread of the "RO 60" ensures maximum "driving comfort" on any type of floor covering and an extra-wide, ribbed foot pedal allows the castor to be locked quickly and comfortably while sitting or standing. To protect high-quality floor surfaces, the trendy deep black twin-wheel castor is also manufactured with a black soft running surface for floor-protecting movement on hard, sensitive surfaces such as parquet.

Thanks to its flexible fastening solution, the "RO 60" can be mounted compatibly under any type of furniture. This is because all models of the "RO 60" have a standardised 8 mm fastening receptacle, which means that they can be combined with all Wagner fastening elements, which are also standardised. This clever idea provides maximum design freedom for product developers and furniture manufacturers: Each castor can be fixed to any type of furniture with any type of fastening.

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