Permanent protection + hygiene

Thanks to its contact avoiding handling during the opening of a door, the newly developed door opener “EH 2240” from Wagner protects against dangerous pathogens and thus provides optimum hygiene support. The novel hygienic door handle pushing assistant “made in Germany” scores with convincing multiple benefit: antibacterial material features, user-friendly design, easy mounting as well as an additional function as door buffer.

Diseases can be transferred by touching of door handles, not only in hygiene sensitive areas such as hospitals or care facilities, but also door levers anywhere within the private and commercial sectors can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria, inter alia. The “EH 2240” helps in an easy manner to avoid the touching of the handle with the hand: the ergonomic design of its very supple pushing shape makes its contact-avoiding use with forearm or elbow easy and slip-proof.

The hygienic door opener is made out of a novel synthetics material from the medical technology. Thanks to its anti-bacterial material properties, it protects against pathogens. The material is treated with silver biocide and tested and certified to the international standard ISO 22196:2011. The result: the biocide material kills 99 % of all present bacteria. This protective effect is permanently ensured, thus there is no need for constant cleaning and disinfection operations.

A further advantage of this product innovation is its additional function as impact protection: the elastic pressing element effectively buffers door bumps against wall or furniture. Mounting is done in no time: with only one screw connection, you can fix the new door opener with a precise fit on every standard door handle with a round diameter. With equal ease, you can dismount the “EH 2240”.

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