Playful & decorative

Really top-notch: Not only romantics will be happy about this playful plant accessory for the house, balcony, and garden. A decorative hole pattern adorns the support surface of the new plant trolley" GH 0949" from Wagner and gives pot and plant a beautiful frame.

The material and workmanship quality of the "GH 0949" are high: The trolley is made of a solid steel plate; the charming pattern is created by precise shape punching. A high-quality powder coating in the trendy colour "black matt" also makes the plant trolley innovation 100% suitable for outdoor use.

With a diameter of 30 cm, the "GH 0949" is the ideal mobile platform for small and medium-sized plant pots. It is equipped with four heavy-duty equipment castors from Wagner, which make it easy to move heavy plant pots weighing up to 100 kg. Soft castors are gentle on sensitive floor coverings such as parquet, laminate etc. Safety bonus: Sturdy locking brakes on two of the castors ensure a firm hold at the desired location.

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